For those of us who live in cramped cities or mundane suburbs, getting out to the country can genuinely refuel our batteries. When you are tired of spending time in cramped coffee shops or monotonous office buildings, it is only natural to start to crave the wild outdoors, where you can get back in touch with what is really important.

In Australia, we are spoiled with a wealth of options for getting back to nature—so many choices, in fact, that it can be tough to choose where to go! Bright, Victoria is a hidden gem that may just be the ideal option for your next personal retreat.
Surrounded by Mount Hotham and Mount Buffalo National Park, staying in holiday accommodation in Bright, Victoria is perfect for adventurers and those just looking to relax.
At Bright Accommodation Park, when you stay in our Bright accommodation house, you will discover the perfect chance to experience the natural wonders in this part of Victoria at prices you can afford.

A Few Natural Wonders You Can’t Miss When Staying in Our Bright Accommodation House
While you’re enjoying our Bright holiday accommodation, there will be no shortage of natural features and landscapes to experience. With so much to see, it can be hard to decide just where to start! Here are a few of our favourite adventures for you and your family to enjoy at our accommodation in Bright, Victoria.

Apex Lookout: The Apex Lookout trail is one of our favourite moderate hiking options, with a view at the top that just cannot be missed. Offering breathtaking views of Mount Feathertop, Mount Fainter, and Mount Bogong, this 1.5 KM trek is beyond worth it once you reach this lookout. Perfect for some picture-taking fun, this attraction is a must-do!

Mount Buffalo National Park: Mount Buffalo National Park is a can’t-miss while you’re here, simply because it is one of the largest attractions around! The 77,000-acre park gives you the chance to enjoy both moderate and experienced hikes and makes for an amazing wilderness retreat. After a day out in Mount Buffalo, you will feel renewed.

Canyon Walks: The Canyon Walk, which starts near Howitt Park, is great for a relaxing, intimate hike. Giving you an opportunity to see the canyons of Bright up close and personal, this walk is both exciting and refreshing and will sure to be a highlight of your holiday.

Book Your Nature Getaway Today
If you need a break from the day-to-day grind of city living, it’s time to book a stay at one of our options for accommodation here in Bright. Our cottages and cabins are perfect as basecamp for your expeditions, and our Bright accommodation with a pool offers a chance to relax and unwind away from the world. For families and couples alike, there will surely be something for you here in Bright, and we look forward to seeing you soon.