Camping is fun and challenging for people of all ages. Going camping with your kids is an excellent opportunity to teach valuable lessons in a beautiful, natural setting and bond with each other as a family. However, unlike a traditional classroom, being outdoors requires some safety considerations. Keep everyone safe on your next trip by asking kids and adults alike follow these rules.

Stay together

No one should wander off alone–always stay in groups of at least two. This includes going to the washroom or shower and anywhere else outside the immediate campsite boundaries. Explain to your kids that if someone gets hurt or otherwise finds themselves in trouble, one of them will be able to go for help. Make sure kids know the boundaries of your accommodation near Bright by attaching string or other markers to posts and trees.

Know which plants to avoid

First of all, your kids should know never to eat anything they find in the woods. Even if it looks like familiar food such as berries, nuts, or mushrooms, some of these items in the wild may be poisonous to humans. Instruct your kids not to eat any plants, even if they see birds or other animals eating them first.

Teach kids to identify poison ivy and other potentially harmful plants. Wearing long pants and long sleeves can help provide protection when exploring in the woods. Hand washing is important after handling plants of any kind.

Avoid water unless you’re with an adult

If your Bright accommodation has water nearby, whether a pond, lake, river, or swimming pool, children must know to steer clear unless an adult is present. Build water play time into the itinerary to satisfy this temptation and make kids less interested in exploring a water feature alone.

Practise animal safety

If you bring pets along, it’s important to keep them safe by always using leashes. It’s too easy for pets to become lost or harmed by wild animals if they wander alone. It’s equally important for kids to stay safe from wild animals, so make sure they know never to approach or try to touch any animals–even “cute ones” can have sharp teeth and claws and will be ready to defend themselves.

Making noise when walking through the woods can warn any nearby animals to stay away–startling wild animals can be dangerous. Bells tied to kids’ shoelaces can do the trick nicely.

Finding Bright accommodation cottages
Your kids will feel more secure and more involved knowing what is expected of them at your group accommodation in Bright. At Bright Accommodation Park, we offer campsites and cottages in Bright Victoria including two-bedroom luxury villas, single-bedroom ensuite cottages, and powered and unpowered grassed and shaded campsites. Here, you’ll find a fun and relaxing environment your whole family will love as they enjoy nature. If you’re looking for Bright accommodation cottages, contact Bright Accommodation Park today to book your next outdoor family adventure.